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Homeowners Associations (also known as HOAs) are an integral part of every community. Apartment complexes, condos, and neighborhoods can all benefit from forming an HOA organization. Governed by community members, they serve to assist in the development, upkeep, and care of the collective area.

The most successful HOAs exist to serve the community to the greatest extent possible. Much like the construction of a home, by building a foundation of trust, the community then forms pillars of services that benefit everyone. As your trusted HOA property management service in Littleton, our bottom line is threefold for top-notch property association management.

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The Three Pillars of HOA Property Management In Littleton

  • HOA Property Management with Heart – Through clear communication, structured reporting at every level, and an empathetical, human-oriented approach, we aim to foster a community organization that promotes well-being for everyone involved. Our community services include handyman services, community engagement events, crisis management services, interactive community websites, efficient customer service, and 24/7 emergency service. But we don’t stop there. We also offer high-quality and community-oriented HOA property management in Littleton to boost transparency and create a more stable relationship within the Littleton community. Working together as a partnership, we tailor solutions that fit the specific needs of your organization.
  • Sustainable HOA Property Management in Littleton – We first connect with members to identify critical areas that are most important to them. With this information, we can tackle the most challenging issues and discover long-term sustainable solutions to the most pressing matters. Our HOA sustainability services include energy-efficiency analysis and solutions, recycling and composting, irrigation system assessments, development of conservation strategies, and sustainability project planning with property association management. Whether it is analyzing energy usage and implementing energy-efficient solutions or addressing water systems deficiencies, we work together to achieve the best possible results. This commitment is what earned us the Certifiably Green Denver certification.
  • Trustworthy HOA Accounting Systems – Like any business, sound financials are a fundamental part of a healthy and sustainable HOA organization. Without accurate information and transparent reporting, the community will not have the information it needs to make wise decisions. To facilitate greater financial understanding at every level, we offer our clients full-service options to ensure your balance sheet is ready to inform sensibly and precisely to boost economic sustainability. This creates a strong property association management portfolio. Our HOA accounting solutions in Littleton include monthly financial statements, full-service accounts receivable and accounts payable, online accounts payable system, full-service collections processing and reporting, and payroll services. At CAP Management, we understand that the organization’s financial and administrative side can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Rest assured, we’re here to help every step of the way.


Our firm, CAP Management, is a trusted HOA property management service in Littleton with extensive experience building the pillars of services vital to a thriving community. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how CAP Management can help develop a landscape of success for your HOA!