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Serving Owners

Our commitment to you is to be accessible, reachable, responsive, and helpful.

It’s the #1 complaint in this industry:

“I can never reach the management company.”
“I never hear back!”
“I never get a report.”

It’s our mission to break that trend. As a medium-sized company, we can address owner concerns quickly and efficiently so you can stop worrying about your HOA and get back to your life.

We accomplish this by ensuring you reach a real person when you contact us. There is no offsite call center or automated email system. Capable Property Coordinators address owner and board issues when the manager is in the field. This means no more waiting for a response while a manager walks properties or waiting on overworked managers to reply.

Your accounting department is similarly staffed, with dedicated desks for A/P and A/R, on call for owners and boards.

Owner Services include:

  • Community websites, which provide:
    • 24/7 access to community info
    • Free online bill-pay by E-check
    • Recurring HOA payments
    • Credit card payment
    • Access to ledgers in real-time
    • Submit work orders
    • Access community documents
    • Community calendars
    • Violations and architecture requests
  • Timely customer service during business hours
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Monthly financial statements and/or e-statements
  • Full-service accounts receivable
  • Convenant compliance
  • Facilitation of property transfers
  • Online architecture review process