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HOA Sustainability

HOA Sustainability in Denver

Now and in the future, homeowner associations throughout Colorado will face a multitude of challenges, including climate change, natural resource scarcity, and the need to rethink waste management. CAP Management commits to be an example of sustainable business operations and will empower our HOA clients to reduce their environmental impact while enhancing the quality of life in their communities.

Can CAP Management help us become sustainable?

Conserve Water
Reduce Energy
Divert Waste

CAP Management is the leading sustainability consultant for HOAs in Colorado and Denver. We are the only management company in the front range with a dedicated sustainability team, exceeding 15 years of experience in the industry.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Train your staff, Board of Directors & homeowners on sustainable practices to Navigate local and state regulations and prepare for the future
  • Identify financial incentives, programs, and rebates to save money
  • Benchmark community and homeowner energy and water use
  • Identify energy and water savings that will reduce your costs and impact Manage sustainability projects to completion and timely payback periods
  • Take best advantage of emerging technologies, like renewables & electrification Add value to your HOA and your homeowners with sustainability practices

What services does CAP Management offer?

CAP’s business is built on providing trusted guidance, innovative solutions, and outstanding customer service to our homeowner associations. Building on this foundation, CAP can provide our clients with the following sustainability services:


  • Train for your board of directors, committees, or annual meetings
  • Toolkits to empower your HOA to navigate sustainability
  • Provide a baseline sustainability assessment to prioritize areas of impact
  • Develop resident communications to encourage sustainable behaviors
  • Assist boards to adapt bylaws that encourage sustainable behaviors

Measurement & Reporting

  • Energy & water benchmarking with Touchstone IQ’s portal
  • Energy audit services (ASHRAE Level I & II)
  • Monitor monthly utility bills to identify water leaks and energy inefficiency
  • Compliance with city and state regulations for environmental impact reporting
  • Provide irrigation audits and finding rebates for water wise upgrades


  • Energy efficiency programs, including lighting, thermostats, and more
  • EV Charging stations
  • Rooftop solar installations
  • Project management for sustainability upgrades, installations, and investments
  • Re-examine waste contracts to add recycling and/or composting
  • Evaluate native landscaping options to reduce demand for water
  • Support the creation of a community gardens within the HOA
  • Configure maintenance for mechanical systems to conserve energy

What makes CAP Management different?

CAP Management takes our commitment to the environment seriously and have committed to these sustainable practices within our own operations:

  • Reduce energy and water consumption through benchmarking and reporting
  • Invest in renewable energy, thereby lowering our carbon footprint
  • Reduce our waste-to-landfill by incorporating recycling and ultimately composting
  • Leverage our purchasing policy to choose environmentally safe products
  • Refer clients to vendors who are committed to sustainable practices
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