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Certifiably Green Denver

It is often said, “Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.” At CAP Management, we know this to be true based on making our business more sustainable and supporting homeowners’ associations in doing the same. The journey is made better when we have milestones to measure progress and demonstrate to our stakeholders our commitment to helping the planet.

That’s why we are incredibly grateful to be recognized by Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability & Resiliency as a Certified Green business this year. First awarded to CAP Management in 2019, we achieved this milestone not by remaining stagnant, but continuing to address issues in our business operations. This designation makes us a better company and to date, the only HOA management firm on the list at Certifiably Green Denver.

Certifiably Green Denver

CAP made several important steps this year to become more sustainable:

  • When we quadrupled our office space to accommodate a growing team, we invested in renovating the bathrooms with water conserving toilets, updating all lighting to LED, and upgrading the HVAC with an energy-efficient heat pump system
  • Started recycling, diverting at least one ton of recycled material from landfill each year
  • Swapped cleaning supplies to EPA Safer-Choice solutions and are eliminating disposable kitchenware
  • Approved our first sustainability policy, performance targets, and purchasing guidelines
  • Joined the Alliance Center to support education and policy advocacy while leveraging their Hard to Recycle station supported by Ridwell

Our progress extends beyond our own office to support our associations. Today, CAP is the leading HOA management company on environmental issues in Denver. This year, we provided 20+ associations with energy benchmarking services and are now helping boards translate their aspirations into action to reduce emissions. We’ve provided weekly education to associations, helping them navigate changing regulations and prepare for the future. Finally, CAP is planning an education series to help HOAs adopt renewables, EV charging, and water-wise landscaping.

Moving forward, CAP has made the following commitments:

  • Enroll in Xcel’s Wind Source program to become 100% wind-powered at the office
  • Provide a full day of sustainability training each year for all staff and property managers
  • Create a list of “sustainable vendors” who help HOAs reach their environmental goals
  • Add Volunteer Time off and two community service events each year for team members

Each step we take moves us further along on this journey to help our business, customers, and community reduce our impact and adapt to a changing climate. At CAP Management, we believe sustainability is a paramount issue for communities to address. It’s why we offer the unique perspective and services to help every HOA community become more sustainable.

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