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We love working with smaller HOAs and helping them leverage their collective buying power to realize savings and get some, if not all, the quality of service their larger counterparts do. We are the only HOA management company offering robust co-management program geared specifically to “small” or what we call “Co-Managed” HOAs  throughout Colorado for a cost that is realistic for these association’s budgets. We do so by leveraging an economy of scale across our portfolio of unique smaller communities, helping our properties to maximize their influence with landscapers, maintenance crews, roofers, and many other essential vendors while also giving them a breadth of administrative, accounting, and online service offered to their much larger counterparts. 

Over time, the HOA management industry has mostly neglected the needs of small HOAs or priced their services out of reach for communities with fewer homes. Though not intentional, the “portfolio manager” model of service, coupled with the need to keep said portfolios small in the name of quality, plus the associated cost of doing so, means that many management company prices start in the thousands per month – an unrealistic amount for a small HOA with 10, 15, or even 20 homes. That’s too bad, as small HOAs benefit from a management company just as much as a larger HOA would: the boards of directors have the same responsibilities, the small HOA still needs a website and payment interface, contractors still need oversight, the owners still need customer service, there are still bids to secure and contracts to renew, regulatory changes must still be complied with, the property needs to keep the proverbial lights on.

We offer robust small HOA management services at a fraction of the traditional cost, helping to take the majority of the admin, accounting, regulatory, property management, customer service, and emergency response services off the Board’s plate, and offering it all at a price that’s a fraction of the alternative model. The co-managed service CAP Management offers invites the Board to partner with us in managing the community.

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For our co-management program we scale back the number of meetings and site visits including the management company to keep costs down, and we open up our vendor pool to the Board of Directors to interface directly with those vendors should the HOA not want to pay our usual project management fee, another way a small HOA can realize savings.

If your community has been struggling to secure management proposals that are budget-realistic, are weary of self-managing, or feel you have fallen down the priority list with your current community association manager, we’d love to speak with you and share more about our co-managed program.