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Trusted HOA Property Management in Denver | CAP Management

CAP Management has been serving HOAs in the Denver Metro Area for almost 20 years and in that time, we’ve learned a lot. A healthy, resilient association improves the overall sense of community and togetherness, keeps residents satisfied , and operates in a predictable, deliberate way. Our job is to help HOAs reach this point of optimal satisfaction, efficiency, and purpose.

Poorly executed, reactionary, or haphazard HOA management will do the opposite, causing infighting and discord, disorganization, even leading residents to move. It can also hurt property values as buyers can’t sense where the association is headed or who fear an unexpected special assessment.

CAP Management helps HOAs in Denver operate in the most resilient, purposeful way. Through our “Three Pillars” approach to HOA property management in Denver, we create resilient HOAs.

At CAP Management, we provide real time accounting, regular reconciliations, and feature-rich HOA websites so that board members and owners can keep track of the finances of your association or rather, your multimillion dollar real estate corporation.

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The Three Pillars of HOA Property Management In Denver

  • Community – Denver is a community, but so are HOAs. Having a healthy sense of community is important for a functional, efficient, stable association. We provide HOAs the resources needed to foster that sense of community through transparency, communication,  hosting events both virtual and in-person, building committees, and implementing new programs.
  • A Resilient Association – At CAP Management, we offer a holistic approach HOA property management in Denver. Our “triple bottom line” consists of people, planet, and profit. From helping analyze water systems to assessing energy efficiencies, we help HOAs minimize their environmental impact and maximize savings. As an association, we like help HOAs explore ways to bring neighbors together around projects such as community gardens, charging stations,  and composting. And at the end of the day, we want all of this to make financial sense for owners – we are keenly aware that the Denver Market is hot and that for many, the HOA represents their largest investment.
  • Airtight Accounting & Timely Financials – Denver is full of HOAs, which really means, Denver is full of multimillion dollar nonprofit real estate corporations led by volunteer boards of directors. As such, the financials should be treated with best-in-class solutions and accounting practices. These boards have the unenviable responsibility of being stewards for their communities, and we see ourselves as your partner to that end. An HOA board needs to have eyes on the financials at all times, including payables, receivables, credits, delinquencies, and balances. Our job is to give your HOA board the tools and real-time financial picture to make the decisions before you.

Work with CAP for Trusted HOA Property Management in Denver

We’ve been helping homeowner associations in Denver reach their full potential for almost 20 years. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what holds associations back. Our service are meant to meet the needs to today, the pain points an association might bring from a dysfunctional management company or those who want to move from self-managed to a service model. But we also want to help your HOA become resilient, healthy, purposeful, and happy.