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HOAs need adaptability.

We understand that times change. Homeowners associations age both physically and demographically. Other dynamics also shift. With the constant comings and goings of homeowners and the qualities they bring to an association, life in an HOA is anything but static.  When you consider the impact of severe weather and other unforeseen, destructive events, an HOA really needs a management company that can readily adapt to change and be able to take on the hard stuff. Work with an HOA management company in Denver that can mold to any situation or event that affects your HOA.

We at CAP pride ourselves in our adaptability and our capability to handle even the toughest newfound hardships.

From financial despair to the implications of major construction defect issues, we have been able to guide communities back to a place of satisfaction for the HOA. We are able to do so with a flexible and skilled staff of managers, community specialists, and accounting experts who understand HOA management in Denver.  

Working with a medium-sized company means you get industry-leading service without the corporate approach. Each HOA is different and what works well at in a high-rise may not be the best approach for sprawling townhomes or a historic loft. There’s not a property type we can’t manage – but we do work with you during the sales process and beyond to anticipate your needs and deliver on your vision.

How we help:

  • Development of two-page strategic plans with 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month objectives
  • Development of processes and procedures
  • Development of HOA “process maps” to provide continuity between boards and to optimize HOA processes, saving money
  • Oversight of staff
  • Weekly reporting to boards of directors
  • Access to support staff including property coordinator, compliance officer, sustainability department, and in-house accounting support staff
  • High employee retention means manager turnover is low and allows for long-term working relationships with HOAs