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Helping Your HOA Board

Make board membership purposeful, effective, and rewarding.

Your HOA is hard work and so is volunteer board membership. You need a management company built to give the board the tools to succeed. It’s our mission to make your visions and goals for the community into realities and lend some expertise along the way.

We give you this by going beyond just management and providing you an ally to help plan for the HOA into the future.

We know the common complaints boards have:

“The mangers don’t send any reports. I never know what’s going on.”
“Our manager is overloaded.”
“I can’t track the violations.”
“The board is doing the manager’s job.”
“The bids are taking forever. Why?”

HOA board presentation.

Boards are volunteer owners and as such should not have to bear the responsibilities of a manager, or have to tug the manager’s sleeve for reports and updates on projects. More, you should not be interfacing with vendors – that’s the manager’s job. And if management isn’t meeting your expectations, you should be able to speak with someone as to why and get solutions.

That’s what we’re here for.

As a medium-sized company, we can adapt the property management framework to fit the needs of your association and the challenges facing the volunteer board.

Services include:

  • Board Member Development Training:
    • Essential skills and knowledge to run efficient, civil meetings
    • Barriers to effective communication
    • Conflict management
    • Using Roberts Rules of Order
  • Weekly reporting
  • Development of strategic plans for the HOA
  • Ongoing relationship checkups / service feedback
  • Receive complete HOA financials by the 6th business day monthly
  • Access to compliance officer, property manager, and property coordinator
  • Online board portal includes:
    • Access to financials in real-time
    • Access to HOA aging report
    • Full HOA violations report
    • Board member documents storage
    • Automated architecture feature
    • Access to owner directory
  • Exploration of environmental sustainability projects
  • Community engagement services (special meetings)
  • FHA certification / recertification
  • Online invoice review and approval system
  • Services for committees
  • Mediation
  • Special assessment guidance
  • Gathering of estimates and bids
  • Development of process maps and flowcharts to ensure continuity in board turnover
  • Financial consultation including:
    • Long-term financial planning
    • Interpretation of reserve studies
    • Consideration of dues increases, special assessments, loans, and more