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1801 California Street Refreshed

1801 California Street has undergone an interior makeover leaving it refreshed and with noticeably more grandeur.

Denver Building
(Photo Credit: Cushman & Wakefield)

1801 California Street is the second tallest building in Denver and all of Colorado. Still commonly known to many locals as the Quest Tower, this central piece of the Denver skyline has just had its interior refreshed. The $58 million remodel was unveiled Wednesday, according to the Denver Post. Good timing, too, as there have been many changes to the occupation of the office tower. Several years ago, Century Link acquired Quest, the company whose logo infamously shined incredibly bright atop 1801 California Street for many years. Upon taking over, the new building tenant replaced the old beacon with its own logo – as could have been expected. This wasn’t enough for building owner Brookfield Office Properties, who wanted a more thorough update. Such improvements include new elevator cabs, a new fitness center, new conference space and new ground-level retail. While these and other improvements certainly bring to 1801 California Street a more modern appeal, it is perhaps the refreshed lobby that is the most impressive update. Now adorned with marble walls and fantastic new artwork, building tenants and retail patrons alike may enjoy the stunning and contemporary new building interior for this downtown staple.