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CAP Management 2014 Year in Review

Foggy Road

As 2014 comes to a close, we cannot help but think back on all of the changes and successes that have made the year such a great one for us.

It’s been a very busy year at CAP. We have continued to welcome more associations into our family, increased our staff, engaged in large-scale sustainability projects, performed extensive community engagement activities and created two new departments. You may have noticed that there have not been many blog posts recently. Well, that action is why! The following is a recap of all of the excitement:

Welcome aboard!

This year our family of associations expanded with the on-boarding of numerous HOAs. The most recent (just this month!) association is Hampden East III. This HOA allows us to try a new management technique as we will have management staff onsite every day. We are sure this mid-rise community will allow us to sharpen our existing management skills and develop new ones given its unique needs. Other HOAs we have taken on this year include Terrace at Green Mountain, LoHi Townhomes, Steppington Place, Governors Manor, Academy Pointe and Cinnimon Courtyard; to name a few. This selection represents the extensive nature of our HOA services. As always, we take pride in serving the entire Denver metropolitan area.

In addition to new communities, we have been pleased to welcome several new members to our staff this year. These great folks, which you may or may not have met yet, include Rebecca Medina (administrative assistance), Jenna Penn (accounting), David Ball (property management), Jonathan Cole (property management), Jake Schmitz (organizational support) and Liia Koiv-Haus (organizational support).


In 2014, our Sustainability Department was engaged in a 10-month-long water conservation project at our Shadow Wood HOA. This project, funded through a public-private partnership with Denver Water as facilitated by our Chief Sustainability Officer Alex Bergeron, has been CAP Management’s largest-scale sustainability project to date. It included the removal and replacement of hundreds of obsolete toilets, showerheads and faucet aerators. Our work will save the HOA many thousands of dollars on water each year going forward. The best part is it cost them relatively little for the entire project. Interested? Give us a call at 303.832.2971 ext. 102 to learn how you can realize similar benefits.

Community Engagement

This year we organized and hosted a series of community meetings intended to strengthen an association facing incredible financial hardship and foster the development of a solution to their issues. We are happy to report that after all was said and done members of this association were able to agree upon and ultimately secure a loan that will allow them to remedy their issues in a timely manner. We are happy to continue performing this exceptional management practice with any association in need. Please give Frank Cole, our Vice President of Operations, a call at 303.832.2971 ext. 500 to learn more.

New Departments

In an effort to provide to our HOAs affordable fixes for minor issues and situations not requiring the assistance of a contractor, we introduced CAP Maintenance and CAP Snow Removal this year. So far, we have had great success meeting the small-scale needs of numerous associations. We have a dedicated team that can handle a number of tasks from minor concrete repair to gutter cleaning to light painting and much more. As for snow removal, give us a call if you would like some shoveling done when a plow may not be needed.

It has truly been a magical year for CAP Management. We hope all our readers, community members and business partners have experienced the same and we look forward to a joyous 2015 with all of you!  Happy holidays!