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2015 Year in Review

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CAP Management’s 2015 year in review.

How quickly the time has gone…and how much has changed and been accomplished. This blog is a recap of all the key happenings around our office in 2015.

Hellos and Goodbyes

Times change…and what was once a great match may no longer be at some point in the future. We – both property managers and clients alike – determined this was the case for a couple of HOAs. Those mutual decisions to part can be bittersweet…but in the end are probably for the better. The same goes for employees.

It was sad to see a few great staff members go this year, such as Liia and Jacob, but they went off to bigger and better things. Sometimes, we learned, it’s best to let someone you love go, at their wish – because they may return. This was the case with Jess, who was a property manager, but has returned to CAP to be our Assistant Office Manager. Sometimes, a hire (or two) is just not a right match. We learned this, too, and had to release a couple team members who were unable to demonstrate their ability to keep up with the demands of their respective positions.

While goodbyes are a part of any year, we also enjoyed saying ‘hello’ to new staff members. Brenda has joined our team as our Financial Controller. She is absolutely fantastic and we are so glad to have found her. Amber, who is constantly bursting with cheer and is a pleasure to have around, also joined the accounting department this year. Emma joined the team earlier in the year and is your Assistant Property Manager.

New HOAs have joined our family this year, too. In 2015 we welcomed aboard the 1650 Pearl, Boulevard School, Pebble Brook, and University Park Tower associations. Beginning in January 2016, we will also be onboarding the Alamo Placita and Americana associations.


Our sustainability department was very active in 2015. We concluded a massive water conservation project at the Shadow Wood association in the beginning of the year. That project actually earned us considerable recognition, and we were named Denver Water’s “Top Partner” and given a plaque to hang on the wall. As of the publication of this blog, we are in the final stages of a similar project at The Cape HOA. We also did a comprehensive xeric-landscape plan for one of our high rise communities.

Technological Advancements

2015 was a year of embracing technology. Largely under the direction of Frank, our VP of Operations, we have acquired new software and devices to improve our ability to get the job done quicker and more efficient than ever. Foremost, we have selected new management software. TOPS just isn’t able to handle the demands of our growing business, so we are transitioning to Cinc. More info on this soon. We have also decided to take advantage of Optimal Outsource mailing capabilities, the real-time violation response offered by iPad software used during property walks, and more.

We look forward to all that 2016 will bring! Enjoy the holiday season…and have a wonderful New Year!