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5 Things to Know About Colorado in the Winter

Person Standing In Snow

Colorado might just be the perfect state.

In the summertime, the hiking opportunities are endless and festivals can be found in the heart of the city and throughout the mountains. While summer is a great time, Colorado might be better known for its winter offerings. Here is a rundown of why Colorado shines so bright during this time of shortest days.

 1. Ski resorts

First things first: when people around the globe think of Colorado, they likely think of the many world-class ski resorts we are so proud to have. Some of the best skiing on Earth can be found here. From Breckenridge to Winter Park and from A-Basin to Aspen, we are on top and we know it. No need to elaborate here.

 2. Outdoor fun for everyone

Let’s be real: skiing and snowboarding at our famous resorts can be expensive. Good thing Colorado offers opportunities for outdoor fun to folks of all income brackets. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are great examples of inexpensive ways to get out of town. Once you get the gear, these can be mostly free activities. Need to rent? The Estes Park Mountain Shop offers snowshoe rentals for only $5 a pair! ( For the more hardy, Colorado offers numerous ice climbing and ice fishing opportunities. For those on a really tight budget? Sledding! Ruby Hill in Denver is great for that.

 3. Urban fun

Winter sports are not for everyone, so it’s a good thing Colorado cities and towns have so much going on! Of course the mountain towns are teeming with fun things to see and do. However, if you want to avoid the crowds of tourists then the Capital is the place to be. Denver has many great restaurants, bars, venues and museums and the relative cool of winter is the best time to enjoy them! In addition, there a special seasonal events, such as the Mile High Snowfest, which celebrates art and culture in the heart of winter.

 4. The rest of the country NEEDS us

Ok, well maybe just the interior part west of the Mississippi. Colorado is known as the “Mother of Rivers” because snowmelt from our mountains keeps so many of America’s mightiest rivers flowing. The Colorado River, the Arkansas, the Rio Grande, the South Platte…collectively these rivers provide water for a whole lot of people and agricultural lands. Here’s to a good snowpack this year!

5. Fair weather

We may need a lot of snow each year but we still enjoy plenty of sunny days in wintertime regardless. Some say Colorado winters are cold and tough but compared to New England and the Midwest, no way! We’ll happily take those bluebird days. Plus, on the plains away from the hills, it’s not uncommon for temps to reach the 50s or even 60s. Yes, please!

With so much to love year-round, Colorado is clearly the best place to live. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of people who live in Colorado HOAs!