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7 things to Know About Colorado in August

It is the middle of August. Many people are preparing to have family members return to school, the ski resorts are lining things up in hopes they may be able to open early and the HOA management industry is alive and well with many and varying projects going on – from landscaping to roofing and everything in-between.

In Colorado, mid-August is also primetime for those who love the outdoors, enjoy urban living at its best and so much more. Here are seven things to know about Colorado in August.

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1. There are pretty much only two months of summer in Colorado. August is one of them…and perhaps the only true one.

While the Front Range communities might be baking in June, the mountains are still snow covered oftentimes into July!

2. Weather still presents a hazard in our beloved high country in August.

While there may not be any snow falling (usually), thunderstorms are present almost daily and pose a threat to hikers. Be smart on those mountain peaks! The storms usually roll in around noon.

3. August is festival season in Colorado! In such a state with so much going on always it seems, the fun is really amplified in August.

There are over 30 festivals listed for the month on And that’s just some! And of course…concerts are many. I mean, what better time to see a show at Red Rocks?

4. Bicycling.

Whether you’re mountain biking, enjoying the Denver area’s great bike paths, participating in the weekly Denver bike night or otherwise riding on two wheels, August is the perfect time for biking.

Some take it to extremes with cross-state rides and of course there is the USA Pro Challenge (August 18-24).

5. With sunshine and great temperatures for outdoor shopping, many farmers markets are active in August.

They can be found in most communities throughout the state. With urban homesteading becoming more popular and local food production on the rise generally, visiting one may introduce you to new ideas about food and where it comes from. The Colorado Farmers Market Association offers a list of just some that are open and welcoming customers ).

6. Outdoor movies.

While the days of plentiful drive-ins may be behind us, outdoor showings at parks, restaurants and even just among friends are common in August.

Ask around and find one! Viewing a flick under the Western sky – can’t beat it!

7. In addition to HOA maintenance projects, other related industries are thriving in August.

Construction is booming this month – particularly in Denver. This summer, in summers past and in many summers ahead of us, construction cranes are in the sky above the Mile High City. A great economy and attractive lifestyle are fueling this growth.

CAP Management is a part of the action. Give us all call at 303.832.2971 to learn how newly built HOAs are becoming part of the CAP Management family.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!