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7 Things to Know About Denver Union Station

This year, Denver Union Station reopens after years of remodeling and improvements.

The city of Denver and professionals across the country are buzzing with excitement because of the reopening. To be informed on the project, here are seven things you should know about Denver Union Station.

Denver's Union Station
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  1. Union Station has been a Denver landmark since 1880. The historic building can be easily identified by its bright ‘Travel by Train’ sign. Reinvented, the expanded landmark now features a 112-room hotel, retail, and restaurant space.
  2. Denver Union Station is now a transit center serving the entire Rocky Mountain region and beyond. Interstate rail (including the famed California Zephyr), regional light rail and commuter rail, and local and regional bus service all connect to Union Station.
  3. Connections to Denver International Airport (DIA) can be made by bus, and soon by train, from Union Station. This theoretically connects Denver and all of Colorado to the rest of the world from this central transit station.
  4. Much of the new rail stopping at Union Station is part of the RTD FasTracks transit expansion – a voter-approved project to expand mass transit in metropolitan Denver.
  5. The historic building and new transit center are the centerpiece of the boom of development being seen in downtown Denver. Next to Union Station are brand new residential, office and retail buildings – many of them mixed-use.
  6. Collectively, all of this reinvestment is helping to make Denver a world-class city.
  7. Union Station is now open to the public. Go visit!