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7 Things to Know About Hail and Colorado HOAs

Summer time is hail season in Colorado. Here are seven things you should know about your HOA the potential impact of hail.


1.  Hail is very common in Colorado during spring and summer storms. Though some storms are stronger than others, all Denver-area communities are at risk of significant impact each year.

2.  Hail is associated with thunderstorms that have a greenish color, tall clouds and have very cold air in them. While temperature is hard to determine, the first two should alert you to the potential danger and allow you time to find protection some of your valuables.

3.  Hail differs from sleet, which is actually small ice pellets, and which generally occurs during winter storms rather than thunderstorms.

4.  Hail can affect the siding, roofs and other parts of a building as well as damage landscaping and community amenities. Damage can be severe. For example, a July 2009 hail event in the western suburbs of Denver caused $770 million in damage.

5.  Making sure that your HOA’s insurance is able to cover losses caused by hail is important. Because hailstorms and other severe weather events are not usually ever ‘expected,’ but are always possible in Colorado, you must have enough insurance just in case.

6.  Having a property manager that is east to reach in the event of a bad hailstorm is important. CAP Management keeps an emergency pager active in preparation for such events.
7.  Having good records will allow you to know exactly was damaged during a storm. This is also something your property manager can help with.

Call CAP Management at (303) 832-2971 to learn how we have got your HOA covered in the event of hailstorms and all severe weather.