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Alex Sees the Value of FHA Loans

This is Alex Bergeron.  I am now in my fourth week at CAP Management.  My time working here has so far been packed with exposure to all kinds of new ideas and business methods.  Having a professional organizer come in to assist in the creation of a highly functional work environment certainly opened my eyes.  I am discovering the existence of numerous symbiotic business relationships that I previously never even considered.

I have also been learning quite a bit about the value of FHA loans and the personal importance that these benefits have for members of the American public.  Having dived right into assisting a veteran attain such a loan at the beginning of my tenure, I was able to get a feel for the importance of both the steps involved in the granting process and also the impact of the end result.  Speaking with this individual and hearing his story has left me motivated to quickly complete my next FHA-related project – ensuring that all of our HOAs are certified by the government to offer these important benefits.

The most significant impact this job has had on me to date is the fact that it is reinvigorating my passion for the individual components of the built environment.  Each project and development in the urban fabric of the Denver Metro area – whether in the heart of downtown or elsewhere in the suburban ring – has a function in the bigger picture.  Together, all of the puzzle pieces create a thriving metropolis that is attractive and inviting to so many people.  The integrity of design and development in the face of such rapid growth is evidence that Denver is on track to be a role model for urban development in modern America and I am very pleased to be a part of it all.