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Aurora HOAs and Light Rail

With the RTD FasTracks light rail and commuter rail projects well underway, residents of Aurora HOAs can expect to enjoy greatly enhanced transportation options as soon as 2016.

I-225 Rail Line

What is FasTracks?

Any of us that live in metro Denver probably have seen by now the addition of new light rail and the construction related to soon-to-arrive lines throughout the region. In 2004, voters gave the Regional Transportation District (RTD) the ok to use taxpayer money to expand existing light rail services, build heavier commuter rail lines and build rapid-bus transit. The massive transit project is among the most extensive in the entire nation and significantly expands RTD’s services so that it is truly a regional service provider. The first of the rail lines to be completed is the W Line, which serves western Denver, Lakewood and Golden. By the end of 2016, Aurora will have a light rail line running through the heart of the city and more easily connecting its residents – notably those in many HOAs – with Denver and the greater metropolitan area.

I-225 Line

The new light rail line to serve Aurora is known at this time as the I-225 line. Really, it is an extension of the H Line that terminates at the Nine Mile stop located at about Parker Road and Peoria Street. The new line will continue on from there, ultimately terminating at its junction with the East Rail line at the currently-under-construction Peoria/Smith station. It is important to note that the I-225 Line is fact light rail, as opposed to other FasTracks rail lines that are commuter rail, such as the East Rail line. The difference is that commuter rail is ‘heavier,’ and usually can fit more people over longer distances than strictly urban light rail. The East Rail line also travels through and services Aurora.

As its name suggests, the upcoming I-225 line runs along, for the most part, the existing freeway with that name. It just so happens that this corridor is home to many Aurora HOAs. In fact, CAP Management currently manages two HOAs within walking distance of the upcoming Iliff station! All along the planned trajectory of the light rail are HOAs. Some of the stops servicing them can be walked to while others can be driven to as they are (increasingly more popular) Park-n-Rides. With so many transit options, it has never been easier for members of Aurora HOAs, and the entire community, to ditch the cars and hours wasted in traffic and lean back and enjoy the views all the way to their destinations. For more information on the I-225 Line and all of FasTracks, visit RTD’s FasTracks page at As always, thanks for reading our blog and please tell your friends and family to check it out, too!