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In June, we posted a blog discussing how challenging it can be for any HOA management company to obtain a high volume of good reviews on Yelp and like websites because even when thousands of customers are satisfied, the vocal minority are the ones to leave reviews (take a look at that blog if you missed it!). Since then, we have received quite a lot of feedback, including some great Yelp reviews from our customers. Below are some of the best Yelp reviews we have received since then. (Please note that many of these can be found in the “not currently recommended” section of our Yelp Page, due to the fact that Yelp only prominently lists reviews from reviewers with very frequent activity; as described in our first blog on the matter and on Yelp pages).

Steven C. says:

“These guys rock!  I had several opportunities to talk to them and they have been very courteous, friendly, respectable, timely, [and] professional. I actually had chance to meet on Denver Water sponsored toilet upgrade project at the Shadow Wood and all of the above applies to the employees.”

Angela L. says:

“I miss you CAP Management! We have a new management company in my community and they are awful. Every time I called CAP, they returned my calls within 24 hours or much sooner if it was an emergency. They were always courteous and got things done that needed to be done…”

Carol H. says:

“Our complex has been with CAP Management since they began business and I would not change companies for any reason.”

John P. says:

“In the year or so before CAP was hired to manage The Cape, our relatively small condominium community, we suffered through four or five managers who were too busy to care about our community, finances, or enforcing the rules and regulations. Chris S., our current manager, is very responsive, diplomatic, and has made the Board’s volunteer job as caretakers of the property much easier. Problems always seem to come       up at the worst times, but the staff at CAP has been a phone call or email away to provide assistance, advice, and service. It has been a pleasure dealing with them.”

Jean D. says:

“I go to every HOA meeting. CAP Management knows what they are doing. You can tell this by the input they give the Board.”

Donna P. says:

“CAP Management has been with our HOA for the past year.  They have worked hard to get us new vendors for snow removal and lawn care. This has been a great savings to us and better service. They have worked to get lower prices while negotiating with our current vendors. They will do whatever the HOA Board requests.”

George M. says:

“We are an older HOA and we’re fortunate to be paired with a senior property manager (PM) with a broad range of experiences. I very rapidly developed a rapport with our PM, first as a Board member and currently as HOA President. Our PM has helped us forge a path forward in the midst of the usual crises befalling an aging organization housed in equally aged structures… I hope that you will consider CAP Management to       service your property management needs.”