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HOA Management Services in Colorado – Cable Wires

I had a walk thru with Aaron Monaco, one of my property managers yesterday.  He is at Mountainside Association every Tuesday at 3pm, the same time the landscapers are there.  That way the landscapers know they are being watched and do a better job.  We talked to the sprinkler techs for a while. Ever since we negotiated no charge on sprinkler repairs, you’d be amazed at how few problems we’ve had.

We walked around the entire property.  Since Aaron has an established schedule, homeowners would come out and greet us just to chat and see what was going on.   I was amazed at how well Aaron knew the property.  He could point out projects they’ve worked on over the past year or ARC forms that were open.

One nice thing we’ve done at Mountainside is to take all of the cable cords strewn alongside the buildings and clean them up.  We did this working with Comcast.  They provided boxes for free in which to conceal everything.  Then we were able to figure out which cables were no longer functioning and have them removed.  It gave everything a neat and tidy appearance.

It took us a full year of going through summer, fall, winter and spring, but after that we can really say the property looks great!

Chris Crigler, President