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CAI-RMC Spring Showcase Recap

Community Associations Institute

Yesterday the annual Community Association Institute Rocky Mountain Chapter (CAI-RMC) Spring Showcase was held at the Colorado Convention Center. CAP Management was present in full force. Here is a recap.

CAI is the trade group for the HOA management industry. In Colorado, the division of the national association is the Rocky Mountain Chapter. Throughout the year, CAI-RMC holds all kinds of special events, ranging from happy hours and mixers to educational sessions and more. In May of each year is the annual conference (there is a much smaller event in the fall as well – but spring sees the big one). The Spring Showcase is a day-long event where representatives of management companies, members of HOA boards and representatives of HOA service providers (such as attorneys, roofers, builders, bankers, etc.; collectively ‘vendors’) get together for learning and socializing. Many vendors operate booths where they provide information and small gifts and/or snacks to attendees. What really keeps the fun going are lots of games, giveaways and big prizes.

This year, the attendance turnout was as big as ever. Alex, John, Chris S., Chris C, Frank, Emma and Jonathan all made it to Colorado Convention Center to represent our awesome management company. It was great to get feedback from other attendees such as “you guys really have a presence” and “so good to see you all here!” With our distinctive name tags, it was also easy for people to say to any given one of us “oh, I just saw your [colleague]!” It was really great getting so see so many friends and partners, old and new, at the event from our perspective as well.

The educational portions of the event relied primarily on two major points: the upcoming state-mandated manager licensing and the ongoing legal mess concerning construction defects.  First, we in the HOA management industry here in Colorado know that by July 1st of this year all community association managers must obtain licensure from the state to continue our jobs. There is rather substantial testing that must be done before one obtains a license, so there were talks at the Showcase that covered what to expect on the two tests; one for general HOA management and a Colorado-specific test. We also learned that for people brand new to HOA management, like our Emma, who joined CAP three days prior to the conference, there is a provisional license available so you can become familiar enough with the industry and what it demands prior to taking the test. Useful information!

In the area of that pesky construction defects law that is and has been virtually preventing construction of any new condos in the state, we learned that it is not so bad that the legislation drafted to “fix” it that died before it could be signed by the Governor. It just wasn’t good enough and we don’t need any quick fixes to this complex issue!

Always so good to see all our business partners in one place. Already looking forward to next year!