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CAP in the Summer: Time to shine

Time to frolic outside!  Summertime arrives in Denver! Over the winter and spring, your Board and CAP Management laid plans to best serve the community as flowers bloom and the sun returns. We organized schedules and vendors for the season. Early planning and organization of the projects that need to be scheduled can keep everything in our community maintained and running smoothly. Luckily, CAP excels in this arena and helps the Board succeed.

We want our homeowners educated about this, too. Let the property manager know if you want to brush up on your investment education this summer – namely, general operations of the association and the rights and responsibilities of owners in maintenance and responsibilities of their unit. We want your property, your investment, to shine in the summer and all year-round.


Now is the time of year to start planning and planting those beautiful flowers and trees for all the residents to enjoy. There is no better feeling than taking a stroll through luscious green lawns with an array of flowers in bloom. CAP often revisits expired landscaping contracts for common area gardens, lawns, and general appearance; assists the Board with changes or vendor communications. Summer cleanup is often completed twice a season and includes, such as fallen branches or trees that need trimming; gutter cleanup; sprinkler activation and maintenance; (some) boiler shutdowns and so forth. Homeowners may want to take on their own landscaping projects but check your community guidelines and submit an Architectural Committee Control form to your Board and property manager.

Asphalt Maintenance

Concrete and asphalt maintenance usually occurs in the first or second quarter, as freezing and expanding winter weather may have damaged any concrete and parking lots. If the damage occurred or the parking lot in your association needs a face-lift, the Board and CAP can hire a professional to resurface your asphalt with a fresh layer of blacktop.

Exterior & Interior Care

Winter can bring layers of dirt to places like sidewalks, swimming pool decks, basketball and tennis courts. A power washing can have these areas clean and maintained for use when the weather permits and homeowners are ready to utilize them for outdoor activities.

Swimming pools

Once the temperature stays consistently above 70 degrees, it’s time to start thinking about pool maintenance. It can take weeks to properly prepare a swimming pool for use once it becomes warmer than this due to increased algae growth in higher temps, and the Board and CAP have kept vendors appraised of the situation. We often begin cleaning and preparation early and we continue our maintenance throughout the season.

Give your property manager a “Thanks!” when you see them next!