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CAP Innovations Save HOA Boards Time, Money & Energy

It’s 2018. The number of things that can be taken care of online is endless. And yet solutions for HOA boards seem to lag behind. Here at CAP, we don’t think that’s a good thing and we work to provide the latest solutions to boards.

Let’s face it, HOA Board membership is difficult. What seemed simple as an owner becomes complex. Problems are more complicated, solutions less clear.  Owner expectations meet the realities of municipal code, liability, budget, engineers, reserve studies, and more. Board members attend night meetings. They get looped into long email threads. They encounter difficult personalities. They learn to read financials, to run orderly meetings, to interpret reserve studies, to read contracts. So, we think HOA board membership is commendable. And we think HOA boards deserve whatever innovations exist to make their life easier.

Sadly, you can’t run the entire HOA from a smartphone yet, although when that day comes, we’ll embrace it. But solutions do exist. Here are a few:

Online board portals:  Boards need to be able to monitor the HOA from their computer or smartphone. We provide:

  • Access to financials in real-time
  • Access to a dynamic, detailed HOA aging report in real time
  • Full HOA violations report in real-time
  • Board member documents storage
  • Automated architecture feature
  • Access to owner directory
  • Access to financials in real-time
  • Online accounts payable

Board Member Development Training:

  • Essential skills and knowledge to run efficient, civil meetings
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Conflict management
  • Using Roberts Rules of Order

Weekly reporting to boards so they are kept in the loop

Development of two-page strategic plans, giving management a monthly, 3-month, and 12-month set of objectives

Innovations in HOA management are a game changer that can increase efficiency all around. By utilizing and implementing solutions in both technology and modern business, we save our board members time, energy, money, and best of all: reduce stress.

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