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As you probably know by now, we like to have fun at CAP Management – and we know it!  If you’ve read our blogs or are following us on Facebook, you surely have noticed the goofy pictures of our employees and read the descriptions of what keeps us happy (and therefore working most efficiently).  If you have stopped into our office, you probably have noticed some laughter and seen plenty of smiling faces.  Ahead of the holidays, we have decided to embrace our fun work atmosphere by taking its documentation to a whole new level – with video!

Just recently, we have celebrated this high-energy office culture of ours by taking the time to interview each of our employees on camera to see just what it is about working at CAP Management that creates such a fun environment.  Responses ranged from mature, business-oriented answers to some that were a tad unexpected but totally acceptable.  We’ll make the formal video available in the near future, but first we present to you this collection of bloopers, giggles and joking around.  While an honest and truthful video will certainly show why our work culture is so appreciated, this kind of video also exposes how we feel in a less-shielded and more open manner.  Plus, it is fun to watch!  We hope you enjoy watching this ‘bloopers’ video just as much as we enjoyed making it.  As always, thanks for watching and being a part of the fun!

Watch the Video!