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CAP Works Hard to Care For Our Communities In the Springtime

Spring is officially back and for most of us that means we breathe a sigh of happiness as the weather warms and the sun returns. For HOA’s however, springtime also means a valuable time to organize within the Board of Directors and vendors to make sure everything is prepared for the coming season. Early planning and organization of the projects that need to be scheduled can keep everything in your community maintained and running smoothly. Luckily, that is what CAP is for. We can do all this from within the HOA!


Now is the time of year to start planning and planting those beautiful flowers and trees for all the residents to enjoy. There is no better feeling than taking a stroll through luscious green lawns with an array of flowers in bloom. Now is a crucial time to revisit landscaping contracts. Unhappy with the landscaping last year? CAP can make sure the contract is fixed or a new vendor is selected. Spring cleanup should be in any landscaping contract including the identification of debris that might have accrued from winter, such as fallen branches or trees that need trimming. Certain community areas might need weeding or trimming as well, even the possible use of chemicals to eliminate excess weeds. Some flowers or shrubs that have not survived the colder months will need to be removed to make room for fresh ones. Determine which flowers will need new topsoil in their flower beds, especially for perennial flowers, which die during the winter months but come back to life during the spring. Homeowners may want to take on their own landscaping projects but don’t forget to remind those who are wanting to make changes to their gardens and personal landscaping to check their community guidelines for regulations and approval necessary before starting any spring projects.

Asphalt Maintenance

Spring is also a time to look at concrete and asphalt. This task should be a top priority as freezing and expanding water over the winter brings new damage to both concrete and parking lots. Small cracks that were showing just before or during winter are much larger now. Any areas with heavy snow pack in the winter pose the greatest need for repair since the excess water from the snow enlarges the cracks. If the damage is extensive or the parking lot in your association is larger, CAP can hire a professional to resurface your asphalt with a fresh layer of blacktop, however if the damage is smaller, spot control or smaller resurfacing may be an option.

Exterior & Interior Care

Winter can bring layers of dirt to places like sidewalks, swimming pool decks, basketball and tennis courts. A power washing can have these areas clean and ready for use when the weather permits and homeowners are ready to resume outdoor activities. Power washers can be rented, or we can negotiate them into your landscaping contract to clean the designated areas.

Other good ideas to make sure your buildings are taken care of after the winter storms include gutter cleaning for any dirt, debris or leaves that might be clogging them, a boiler shut down for homes or condos that require them, as well as activating any necessary swamp or evaporative coolers as the temperatures continue to rise. If homeowners prefer they can always complete these smaller tasks themselves as well.

Swimming pools

Once the temperature stays consistently above 70 degrees, it’s time to start thinking about pool maintenance. It can take weeks to properly prepare a swimming pool for use once it becomes warmer than this due to increased algae growth in higher temps, so don’t leave it too long before beginning. CAP plans and prepares early so residents and members can enjoy the use of their pool and not unwanted algae.