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Cold Weather Tips!

February is typically a time of cold weather in Colorado. And cold weather, especially freezing temperatures, can wreak havoc on your plumbing systems.

In freezing temperatures, pipes can freeze and split causing leaks and damage due to flooding. This is especially true of under or un-insulated pipes. We suggest the highly valuable and very inexpensive use of a water alarm. Water alarms are small battery operated devices that make a shrill sound when water touches them. This is huge in alerting someone of a potential water hazard. These devices can be purchased at any hardware store for under $20 each. Here are some tips to help make this a water damage limiting winter for you:

  • Make sure any spigots (hose bibs) are all turned off and the hoses removed. Turn off and winterize sprinkler systems before it gets cold.
  • Set up a water alarm on the basement floor inside the window well closest to the water spigot.
  • Close or cover any crawlspaces that will let in cold air.
  • Insulate pipes on or near cold north-facing walls. You can also run a small steady stream of water into these lines as the running water is less likely to freeze as stagnant water. If a small pipe does freeze, try using a blow dryer directed at the frozen portion before calling a plumber.
  • If you go out of town, you can shut your main water line to the house off. Ask someone to check on your house to catch any potential problems. The water alarms only alert people who hear the alarm- they will not shut the water off and once they are floating, they are of no help.

Other good places for your water alarms: under a sink, behind a washer, near the water heater, near a basement floor drain. Bad spots: anywhere outdoors, inside a bathroom where water is expected and normal (like behind a toilet, next to the shower, or where condensation will build naturally).

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