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Colorado HOA Management: Creeping Scope

Creeping Scope (of work) is a term I hadn’t heard until recently, but I’ve experienced it on many construction projects.  Some of the first noticeable symptoms are Clarifications, Addenda, Change Orders, and/or Field Directives. The simple necessary repairs planned become a major enterprise. The result is a project that is over budget and can’t be completed on time.

Not everyone on the project team suffers equally from the effects.  If you’re an architect, engineer or general contractor, you will be compensated.  If you’re a property owner or manager, the additional cost, inconveniences and frustration can have long-term affects.

No wonder the construction fields often have a dubious reputation.  My advice to property owners and managers is to make sure you have an expert on your side.  Find a Construction Manager (CM) willing to stake his/her reputation on getting the project in on budget and time. One of the largest properties we manage recently had Phase I of a project running over costs and Phase II completely stalled until we recommended M. Jean McDonald as CM.  Progress is definitely being made now.  The owners have nothing but praise for her and our management time.  A real win/win.

Chris Crigler, President