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Community in Focus: Alamo Placita Townhomes

One of the newest HOAs to join the CAP Management family is Alamo Placita Townhomes. The Association is so named because it is located in the Alamo Placita “neighborhood” of Denver, which in turn is named after the Alamo Placita Park unit of Denver’s extensive open space network.

Technically, Alamo Placita Townhomes is located in the Speer neighborhood; which is one of the 78 official neighborhoods of the City and County of Denver. However, the Cherry Creek, as well as the official neighborhood’s namesake boulevard, run through the midsection of the Speer neighborhood resulting in two very distinct partial neighborhoods. North of Speer Boulevard and Cherry Creek is the Alamo Placita area.

Alamo Placita is rich with history. When it was developed, it was actually located outside of Denver’s boundaries. With time, investment in the area became more intensive, particularly by Robert Speer, the popular three-term Mayor of Denver in the city’s early days. Mr. Speer was a major proponent of the City Beautiful movement, which focused in part on monumental grandeur of urban public spaces. Alamo Placita Park certainly fits the bill, and its beauty is supported by the tree-lined streets and beautiful homes of the neighborhood.

The architectural style of the neighborhood is very diverse. As Denver grew outward, Alamo Placita became a desirable location for affordable housing. This started the trend of multi-family developments in the area. Alamo Placita Townhomes is a finer form of attached housing. Built in the year 2000, and consisting of multiple buildings, the HOA is designed to flawlessly fit into the character of the neighborhood while offering residents privacy and living spaces which are high quality. There are many attractive single-family homes nearby of varying architectural styles, too!

Alamo Placita is a wonderful part of Denver to live in. It’s beautiful and rich with history. We are so pleased to have this fine HOA in our family of communities.

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