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Community in Focus: ICON 1107 Condominiums

ICON 1107 Condominiums

Not far to the east of Denver’s popular Cheesman Park, in the Congress Park neighborhood, is a quaint, old, multi-unit residential building named “the Carolyn.” Built in 1931, this building prominently features a female name proudly displayed on its façade, like many similar structures in Denver built in the same era. Today, so many of these buildings contain apartments and only house renters. For some time, this was the case for the Carolyn. Over time, it was transitioned into a condominium building. Finally, in 2008, an investor purchased the structure and the Carolyn became ICON 1107 Condominiums.

Located at 1107 Elizabeth Street, the condominium association is comprised of just 17 units. The building and its grounds are very well kept, blending seamlessly into the neighborhood. Like the single-family houses located nearby, the building is set back and its entrance seemingly perched atop a knoll. Homeowners of the Association enjoy a great deal of privacy, particularly in the summer when the twin, very mature ash trees which guard the main entrance fully display their leaves. Homeowners who call ICON 1107 home are very proud of where they live and choose to remain onsite. So many Denver-area HOAs have a lot of “off-site” homeowners who purchase a condo at their respective HOA for investment purposes or otherwise and rent out their properties. Just a few homeowners at the finely preserved, Art Deco ICON 1107 HOA live away from that property.

What’s in a name? Well, the numeric part of it comes from the address, of course. As for the verbal part – well that’s somewhat of a mystery. In preparation of writing this blog, the property manager, President of the Board, and other CAP Management employees were asked to provide insight. No one was able to help beyond offering their own speculations. It could be that the finely preserved building is considered by the investors mentioned herein to be an architectural icon of some sort. From another angle, “ICON” being in all caps could be that it is an acronym. But what could it stand for? The governing documents shed no light.

While fully determining the name of the Association is a conundrum, it is no mystery that it is a fine HOA. CAP has been the Association’s management company for years – and we hope our hard work at keeping it shining will have us kept around for many more! Thanks for reading.