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Community in Focus: Overlook at Piney Creek

Overlook at Piney Creek Map

The Overlook at Piney Creek association has been in the CAP Management family of HOAs for many years. It is also a member of a completely different family. It is part of an extensive master association located in Centennial, Colorado. At 45 single-family homes, the Overlook is no small association. However, it only represents only 2% of all of the homes located in the 1,852-unit Piney Creek master association!

What is a master association, anyway? It is a sort of ‘umbrella’ HOA covering a large subdivision (or subdivisions) which contains multiple ‘sub’ associations. Some have compared the setup to a county or state government having its own requirements with each city or town located within it further having its own rules, regulations, and a need for income. While master associations certainly have their own rules and regulations to supplement those of the sub-associations, their primary purpose is making sure the common elements which are shared by the sub-associations remain in good repair.

Joining The Overlook in the 700-acre Piney Creek Master Association are 14 other sub-associations with names such as “The Lower Knolls,” “The Summit,” “The Morningside,” and “The Glen.” The Glen is the largest sub-association with 230 homes sites. As the names of the sub-associations suggest, Piney Creek is a very scenic area. Homeowners enjoy sweeping views of the Front Range. The homes are located nearly adjacent to Cherry Creek State Park and the many opportunities for outdoor recreation it provides. And, indeed, there is a stream which flows through the property known as Piney Creek.

Piney Creek is located just to the south of Smoky Hill Road. This road was built along the track of an old Native American trail. The road, long before it was paved like we see it today, was actually a widely-used route to get to Denver and the gold mining activity occurring nearby. Today, Piney Creek is also located between Buckley and Parker Roads, and access to everything central Denver has to offer is only about 30 minutes away.

We have really enjoyed having the Overlook at Piney Creek in our family. Perhaps in the future the other sub-associations will join. For now, we are quite happy having a small piece of this wonderful master association to serve.