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Community in Focus: RiverClay

LEED Silver Cert Logo

In our second installation of our Community in Focus series, we look at the RiverClay Condominium Association – a milestone Denver property.

Those in the HOA management, urban planning, and environmental sustainability circles know RiverClay. Association homeowners should send in any HOA payments with a sense of pride. After all, this is no typical condo complex. Very notably, RiverClay was the very first LEED-certified condominium development in the entire Rocky Mountain region. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certifies buildings that meet an extremely thorough and third party verified set of environmental guidelines. Guidelines include topics as varied as indoor air quality, energy conservation, and transportation. With its focus on bicycle commuting, Energy Star appliances, and solar power (just to name a few qualities), RiverClay has been certified LEED Silver. The 60-unit building actually has one of the largest residential solar arrays in Denver, which allows it to cool and light 80% of its common and parking areas with just the light of the sun.

Aside from the environmental sustainability features, which do compliment one of the main priorities of CAP Management quite well, there are many other reasons to love RiverClay. For example, it’s location in the historic Jefferson Park neighborhood of Denver provides for a high-quality urban lifestyle. Located not far from the very popular Highlands neighborhood, but not yet undergoing such rapid development itself, Jefferson Park offers dining options, much open space for exercise and recreation (per the six-acre namesake city park located across the street from the HOA), and great city views. The location of RiverClay at Clay Street and West 22nd Avenue gives it very quick access to the major entertainment venues and other downtown attractions via the West 23rd Avenue overpass. With that, you can walk, bike, or take a quick car ride to the center of activity along the Front Range…and still have the privacy of an “off Main Street” neighborhood to return to.

RiverClay has it all. The views, the proximity, and the high-performance amenities. Looking at the specifics, the units have a number of desirable attributes. Standard features in each unit include granite countertops, sustainably-sourced hardwood floors, five-burner stoves with a wok ring, and porcelain-tiled bathroom floors. How distinctive!

We are very proud to have RiverClay in our management portfolio. But it is so much more than that. After years of managing the HOA, they are more like family than clients. To high-quality living…sustainably!