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Covenant Enforcement and Violation Response

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There are many aspects of HOA management.

Of course, accounting and maintenance are often said to be the top priorities. For CAP Management, enforcing the covenants that make HOAs covenant-controlled communities is equally as important. We believe it is fundamental to what we are hired to do. The following is a look at how we respond to violations.

All HOAs have at least one owner or tenant that violates the association’s covenants, rules or regulations. Perhaps they don’t know they are in violation, perhaps they do. Either way, violations should be dealt with evenhandedly to ensure the rules continue to be followed. They do, after all, exist for a reason. CAP Management is dedicated to protecting the safety, health and welfare of the HOAs we manage through strict enforcement of the CC&Rs.

How do we do it?

First, we ensure that we have somebody on site at least once every week to look for violations. Oftentimes it is a property manager. For our larger associations we have a violation officers on site. This frequency ensures that enforcement is consistent and violation issues are unlikely to persist.

Because basic covenants and regulations tend to be similar across associations, our managers and officers know just what to look for. Of course, each HOA has its own unique set of rules, and we ensure that both common and unique violations are caught. You might say it is similar to the differing laws between individual cities and towns. Speaking of which, not only do we strictly enforce HOA covenants, but we look to make sure local laws are being followed as well. Sometimes, these laws and HOA covenants overlap (example: charcoal grills on decks).

At times, the regular enforcement provided by CAP Management might seem imposing to those owners that receive violation notices. While we are strict, we are also reasonable. Oftentimes, owners are able to remedy the violation before fines are imposed. This helps foster a sense of understanding between owners and management and may prevent future violations.

To streamline issuing violations and to ensure they are as accurate as possible, our managers and officers are equipped with tablet computers to issue violation notices on site as they are found or are occurring.

We are proud of the quality of care we offer Denver-area HOAs. We believe covenants, conditions, restrictions, rules and regulations exist for a reason and are pleased to ensure they are followed for the safety and happiness of the communities we serve. For more information on this quality of care, give us a call at 303.832.2971.