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Crafting An Effective HOA Preventative HOA Maintenance Plan

How often has your association been swamped with so many maintenance requests that it feels like there’s no end in sight? Unfortunately, this is a feeling that all too many associations can relate to because they take a reactive approach to maintenance – waiting until something falls apart, or breaks, completely before tending to it. While a reactive approach may sometimes be alluring for anHOA, an HOA preventative maintenance plan is necessary to help you stay on top of larger tasks for your medium to large size HOA.

An HOA preventative maintenance plan is proactive and purposeful; aimed at preventing the likelihood of infrastructure failing and minimizing consequences if something within the HOA’s physical property breaks.

An HOA preventative maintenance plan is crucial to addressing your maintenance needs before they become larger problems.

Here Is How You Can Begin Creating An HOA Preventative Maintenance Plan

1. Gather All Maintenance-Related Information

All associations and the properties they manage are different, so you’ll need to consolidate the following information to build a plan that suits your needs best.

Locate and gather:

  • Component usage cycles
  • Your existing maintenance policy
  • Expected costs and timeframes for making major repairs or replacing equipment
  • Maintenance recommendations in owner’s manuals
  • Required maintenance to keep warranties valid

2. Identify Which Components Need Ongoing Maintenance

The second step to take when coming up with an HOA preventative maintenance plan specific to your organization is to establish what components and equipment will need continuous attention. This will be informed by the information gathered in step 1.

3. Establish Specific Maintenance Activities

So, we know what equipment and components will be included in your HOA preventative maintenance plan. Now, we need to establish what kinds of maintenance they need to keep them in good working order and ensure each piece reaches its estimated useful life.

4. Create A Preventative Maintenance Schedule

To keep an HOA and maintenance providers on the same page, we develop a definitive preventative maintenance schedule for each component identified in step 2. This schedule should also include weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly inspections to see if any additional maintenance is needed.

5. Allow Room for Flexibility

Regardless of how comprehensive your HOA preventative maintenance plan is, you can’t account for everything that may happen to your components that will require repairs. Whether it’s extreme weather that caused damage or an accident in the neighborhood, you need to be prepared to perform maintenance outside of your normal schedule.

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