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Creating a Sense of Community & Fostering A Premier HOA in Denver

An HOA is a community. It’s important to remember that. And, a great community helps in fostering a premier HOA in Denver.

A potential client recently asked us how we create a sense of community in an association, and that is a wonderful question. Sadly, because of more people doing business online, and thanks to the pandemic, homeowner engagement in HOAs is at an all-time low. And that’s too bad because an engaged community is generally healthier and more productive, creating a great HOA. Here are some ways we help foster a sense of community in our HOAs and provide premier HOA management in Denver:

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When we start working with an HOA to draft a community plan, the goal is to reach a state of overall “health” which is measured by predictability, resilience, and community togetherness. In doing this, we assess three key areas: financial health, conservation, and community health – these aspects help in fostering a premier HOA in Denver. Some examples include:

  • Rallying the owners around a project, an upcoming change, financial turning point, or an innovation.
    • Often owners only become engaged when things go wrong – they don’t attend a board meeting until there’s a whisper of a special assessment or until a water that leak affects their unit. This is not an effective way to run community association management. This is a missed opportunity as it pays to nurture the relationship before challenges arise. We undertake community engagement initiatives around projects, new software rollouts, recruitment for committees or other areas where we can foster owner participation and input.
    • In this we often use surveys, onsite workshops or “office hours,” or hold special meetings with subject-matter experts to detail a proposal or project. An opportunity to do this would be around the patio remodel.
  • We recruit for committees (at the board’s request)
    • As you know, committees engage owners around their personal interests and brings folks out of the woodwork to become more engaged with the association, the board, their neighbors, and management. Owners we haven’t seen or heard from in years sometimes join these committees and become real advocates for the community. These items are of paramount importance for running community association management.
  • We are inclusive to renter and investors.
    • The former are sometimes left out due to poor record keeping and a lack of contact info. The latter are often disengaged and living offsite. We make sure to keep these parties in the loop.
  • Promoting Board Member Diversity
    • An equitable HOA board represents the diversity of the community in terms of race, gender, age, income. Proportionate representation can help prevent groupthink and broaden our perspective, including management’s! Of course, there is no diversity requirement for a board, but a more diverse board may be able to anticipate and react to resident concerns in a more comprehensive way.
    • We have seen a positive reaction from owners when the members of the board appear to represent the demographics of the community at large, which helps foster premier HOA management in Denver.
  • Owners are encouraged to participate in sustainability initiatives, like rooftop gardens, solar panel installations, and other projects.
  • Vendors, local businesses, delivery services, and staff are not forgotten.

Want to learn more about creating a great HOA in Denver and Colorado? Check out or “Creating Sustainable HOAs” guidebook on the subject!