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Denver is Very Bicycle Friendly

Denver is a national leader in bicycle friendliness and availability.

Denver B Cycle

The results of a national bike count are in, and it turns out that Denver is a very bicycle friendly city – and increasingly so!  We have all seen the bike lanes and shared-lanes present downtown and throughout the city.  The city’s newest bike lane on 15th Street certainly stands out with its bright green paint.  And of course, there is great bicycle infrastructure throughout the Metro area with the likes of the Cherry Creek Trail and the Clear Creek Trail, in addition to others.  In short, it is no surprise that Denver is considered bicycle friendly.

In recent years, central Denver has seen the implementation of B-cycle.  These are the red bikes with the baskets that you see shooting all over town.  B-cycle is a bike sharing program that aims to get visitors and residents out of their cars and onto a more fun, healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.  With all of the sunshine and pleasant temperatures that we enjoy here for much of the year, seeing the city by bike can certainly be more interesting than doing so in a motor vehicle.  And at a very reasonable cost!  As it turns out, Denver ranks #7 on the list of US cities with the most bike-share stations.  If it weren’t for the introduction of the programs in New York City and Chicago in 2013 (each with 300+ stations), then Denver would rank #5.  In 2012, Denver had 53 B-cycle stations.  By the end of 2013, it had 81!  With this kind of investment, it has never been easier to hop on a bike and get around the Mile-High City in fun and stylish way.  Check out to learn more!