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Design Review and Guideline Enforcement

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If you have ever worked with CAP Management before or taken a good look at our website, you probably know that we are very pleased to offer many specialty services to our HOAs.

Popular services include retrofitting for environmental sustainability, FHA certification, and property repair and maintenance. One of our newest services involves the creation of landscaping plans and review of construction plans and improvement requests.

Scope of work

Oftentimes, when someone is constructing a new home in a developing HOA, they have to hire very expensive professionals to draft and review construction and landscaping plans. Fortunately, CAP Management can help reduce those costs – for members of our own HOAs or any HOA. We have multiple students and professionals of landscape architecture and urban planning on staff that can prepare or review landscape plans to ensure they match the design guidelines of the community and any applicable local law or plans. In addition, we can similarly review improvement proposals (i.e. new gate or fence). Our reviews and landscaping plans are performed by people highly trained on the matter and know exactly what they are looking for. An example could be placement of utility lines underground that could be impacted by the improvement. It takes deep knowledge of this stuff: slope, drainage, precise measurements, zoning ordinances, and so much more. Letters of approval can be formally written to local permitting offices, etc., as our work would meet their legal requirements.

Why we do it

Some HOAs have Architectural Review Committees, or other like organizations, which may be responsible for ensuring that construction, landscaping and improvements meet their design guidelines. Members of such committees are volunteers. While many are skilled in reviewing, many others are laypeople just trying to help. Our intention is to help the HOA by taking the burden off of the shoulders of those busy laypeople or overwhelmed experts. Also, for those without committees, you can leave it to us to get the important job done. After all, a huge part of HOA management is ensuring that guidelines are enforced!

Competitive rates

Our rates for such work are highly competitive. We are sure you’ll get the highest quality deal with us. Interested? Please do not hesitate to call 303.832.2971 or email