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Enjoy the Winter Games from Denver.

Watch the XXII Winter Games from Denver in your subzero polar-arctic ice den, (or one of these venues):

Olympic Rings

Russia is spending an estimated $51 Billion to host the Winter Games this year, much of that money going to the production, transportation, and preservation of snow and ice as temps in the coastal Russian city sit in the 40s and 50s (F) . It’s bad luck for the hosts who’ve even gone so far as to stockpile high-mountain snowpack that can be funneled to the games. The whole thing is such a hassle that even SNL chimed in on it.

Here in Denver we’re faced with the opposite problem. It’s below zero every night and little warmer during the day this week.  It’s freezing up in the mountains, too. The high on Wednesday for Winter Park Ski Resort is just 1°F. It’s COLD here. And snowy. Everyone is miserable. I’ve even noticed few bicycles on the road, which you can guarantee means it’s chilly in Denver. Going outside is downright unpleasant. We’ll spare you the irony, but here are some suggestions of where to hunker down in this frigid mountain town to watch these $51-billion-dollar Winter Games played on artificial snow and ice halfway across the globe in Sochi, a city currently 50 degrees warmer than Denver:


Why? Blankets, family, hot beverages, etc. Maybe even (“shhh”) call in to work and just binge watch from your couch. Remember, you can stream the Olympics from your computer.

Three Lions World Football Pub on Colfax

Why? Because the Olympics is a global affair, just like soccer..oh I mean, “football.” Three Lions caters to the most popular global sport, giving the place an international vibe. Cue some “Wild Rover” and you’ll feel like you’re watching the games from a Guy Richie film. Just make sure it doesn’t overlap with a football match.

Any Big Sports Bar Downtown

Why? Because rubbing elbows and chanting “U-S-A!” while fist-pumping with downtowners is sorta fun. And because there’s always cheap food and plenty of TVs and seating.

The Wynkoop – or any other Colorado-based bar or brewery

Why? Because despite the big-news departure of Lindsay Vonn, there are still 20 Coloradans competing and we should root, root, root for the home team.

Blake Street Tavern

Why? Blake Street Tavern won the “Best Sports Bar in Denver” award from Westword magazine this year, thanks to the family-friendly atmosphere, extensive menu (try the green chile), and expansive dining room.

The Gym

Why? Because watching world-class athletes will inspire your workout to new heights as you visualize yourself in a Rocky-Balboa-style fitness-training montage and also because exercise might be the only way to warm up right now.

So get out there in the cold, you hearty Coloradans, and support your state and country!