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Environmental Sustainability

Water and energy initiatives conserve natural resources and association resources.

Your association can implement money-saving sustainability initiatives that do the right thing for your property and for the planet. Many Front Range HOAs are making decisions to ensure that they can continue to operate in an environmentally sustainable way. Water and energy initiatives conserve natural resources and association resources. HOAs that replace their old toilets, for example, begin realizing financial savings almost immediately and continue to save thousands annually on their utility bills. Partner with a management company who has built a sustainability department ready to take your HOA forward.

Water Conservation

Interior Retrofitting

Toilets use the most water of any fixture in the home. In the Denver area, many HOAs built in the 1970s and 80s have toilets that use as much as five gallons per flush. Replacing these obsolete models with modern, high-efficiency toilets can save your association thousands of dollars every year and help keep your budget in check. Best of all, these projects cost HOAs relatively little because they receive financing from the private-public partnerships we will facilitate. We have managed toilet replacement projects large and small and have the expertise to handle the legwork and ensure you receive the savings your community deserves.

In addition to toilets, replacing showerheads, faucet aerators and other devices helps ensure you are not throwing your money down the drain. Community-wide replacement of these items can take place alongside toilet replacement or on their own.

Xeric Landscaping

Popular Kentucky Bluegrass is commonly used for landscaping throughout the Denver area but there is not enough natural rainfall to sustain it in Colorado. The amount of water used to irrigate it is hard on our limited water supply – and expensive for HOAs. Xeric landscaping is a way to reduce or eliminate the need for costly irrigation.

Also known as “xeriscaping,” this method of landscaping replaces thirsty turf grass with indigenous or otherwise low-care grasses, shrubs, flowers, trees and attractive ground cover. All associations should have landscaping that remains attractive and cohesive from fence-to-fence: edged and neat grass, trimmed bushes, pruned trees and no unexpected brown-outs on the lawn. Xeric landscaping can ensure this while saving your association a lot of money.

Community Gardens

Bring your neighborhood together around a community garden. Turning an available space into a garden can transform your property and foster a greater sense of community as owners build and utilize the feature. In addition, growing food locally is a sustainable way to get nutrition and having an eye-catching centerpiece does a lot to beautify your property. CAP Management can help you build a garden that is water efficient and attractive, and we’ll work to secure as much outside financing as possible to keep the cost down.


As technologies improve, less and less energy is needed to operate residential properties. Newly built HOAs shouldn’t be the only ones enjoying low energy bills. New or old, your HOA can benefit from low-cost retrofitting through partnership with Xcel Energy. Since each HOA has its own energy conservation needs, CAP Management will work closely with you and Xcel to get exactly what you need to save the most money possible. From window replacement to boiler efficiency, CAP Management is pleased to offer highly customizable energy conservation assistance.