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Five ways to respond to HOA violations like a Zen-master

Opening your mailbox and finding a violation notice from the HOA can provoke unharmonious actions and attitudes. What do you do as a Board member when the homeowner seeks you out or comes to a Board meeting in anger? What are your responsibilities at the actual Board meeting?

Here are five proven tips to handle the issue like a Zen-master.

1. Remind homeowners that the HOA has no interest in “targeting” one particular owner

Most likely, a Compliance Officer works with the HOA and management company to keep the HOA operating within the stipulated rules and regulations. Everyone wants their home values to rise, and a well-maintained community is a prime factor in that. A community with a random pink house, toys strewn around the lawn, or mismatched components, degrades home values.

2. Review the rules

Have a copy on hand and know the community rules with a more-than-passing knowledge. Understanding the nuances of rules and regulations helps with homeowner discussions.

3. Review the enforcement policy

4. Know the details

  • If the Board packet has violations in it, review the violation details before the meeting (if the packet does not include violations, suggest they become a part of the packet – a paper copy, on-hand, reduces confusion, contention and misinformation during hearings or homeowner forum).
  • Remember that as a board member, you have access to a full violations summary at any time via the HOA website.
  • Review the CAP Management blog for useful tips and ideas.

5. Know the tenants

  • Not all HOAs know if owners rent out their units and if tenants have been properly informed of the HOA rules. Getting to know the resident of a unit is never a bad step, after all, they’re neighbors! We encourage introducing yourself, and we’re happy to provide a copy of the rules and regulations to any tenant!
  • Make sure homeowners are registered on the CAP Management homeowner website to receive any community-wide communication that can curtail violations.