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Why is my grass turning brown?

You may not know this, but when temperatures are consistently over 90 degrees, Kentucky Bluegrass naturally wants to go dormant.  As we move into high summer you may notice the grass browning out.  If you are new to Colorado you may have noticed it doesn’t rain much, and grass intended for a higher-moisture climate struggles here.

My grass is only brown in one area…

This is generally a sign of a sprinkler head being out.  You have two landscaping crews.  One that mows, and the other that checks the sprinklers.  They don’t come at the same time and unfortunately they may not always communicate.  If you have a brown out in a specific area just email CAP at and we will issue a work order.

Is there a silver lining?

There is!  Dandelions die out in the high heat.  Other weeds may not though, and we have to wait until October to do an end of year spray.

Please contact us if we can help.

Chris  Crigler, President

CAP Management