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Always Having Fun Down On 16th Street

When it comes to having fun at the workplace, Chris Crigler and his team at CAP Management have got it figured out.  The average workday, while filled with important tasks and the occasional difficulty, is also filled with laughter and perpetual bonding amongst the office staff.  Other offices might feature some smiles, but at CAP Management, the workday is filled with full-blown fun.

First and foremost, CAP Management’s location on Denver’s 16th Street Mall is supportive of a fun atmosphere.  It’s hard to become bored when such a variety of lunch and coffee options sit just an elevator ride and short walk away.  Plus, if you are familiar with the 16th Street Mall, you know that they crowd it hosts during the day always offers a chuckle.  There are lots of useful distractions outside the building, but the atmosphere in the office, though, is what really counts.

Having an upper-level office in a Central Business District high-rise, with its views of the mountains and other skyscrapers, certainly helps create a work environment that is supportive of the professionalism CAP Management is known for.  It also encourages having a good time (particularly because our oil and natural gas leasing neighbors on the floor are so dry).  In their little corner of the tower, the design of their office is conducive to continual interaction with each other.  Though it really has three compartments, CAP’s office is an open set up and its employees are always mingling because the rooms are not really separated solely by function.  Rather, seating positions are mixed up and oftentimes fluid.  For example, the property managers do not all sit together and neither does the entire accounting staff.  With this set up everybody always has to be walking around and interacting.  Often, visits to another’s desk with a question in hand will be paired with a joke.

Regardless of desk location, it’s hard to escape the contagious effect of laughter – which can be heard at most times throughout the day.  Videographer Greg Maloney is quite the source of laughter, and with his very distinct laugh, it’s hard not to chuckle a bit in the other side of the office even if you didn’t catch the joke.  Office manager Kent McFadden is another one.  Always smiling and laughing, his energy definitely rubs off on the rest of the staff.

It is difficult to have a bad day totally at CAP Management.  With a work atmosphere like the one enjoyed at 910 16th Street, the worst is usually a ‘bad’ hour or two at most.  The homeowner’s association management industry is by no regard an easy one.  There are daily demands and frequent surprise challenges, but company president Chris Crigler has proven that the best work can be produced in an open, friendly and joyful environment – occasional buffoonery acceptable.  He is proud of the quality and integrity of the work his employees do and he stays committed to ensuring that it is maintained.  It has been found that a fun workplace keeps spirits up, tempers down and makes even the toughest stuff seems not-so-bad.  Ask any of CAP Management’s employees: they are thankful for a company president that is so encouraging of this.  CAP Management is definitely a great place to work.