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High-Rise Condominium Association Management in Denver

CAP Management Provides White-Glove Condominium Management To The Most Exclusive Properties In Denver And Surrounding Metro Area

At CAP, we believe an exclusive HOA deserves exceptional service, meticulous attention to detail, well-defined standards of service, and a purposeful, predictable operational framework. These factors and more ensure that living in these special communities lives up to resident expectations. From in Cherry Creek to Downtown Denver, we hope to be your top candidate for the management of your exclusive property.

When we work with an exclusive high-rise or mid-rise condominium association, we take inspiration from the luxury rental, hospitality, and resort living playbooks. We work with boards of directors and onsite staff to develop standards of service, taking into consideration the resident experience, communication protocols for staff, and ways to employ the latest software solutions to maximize efficiency and consistency.  

High-rise condominium living comes with so many benefits for residents: virtually no maintenance responsibility, a true urban living experience, million-dollar views, secured parking, pools, friendly concierge, and so much more. These elements are part of a complex operation. The onsite teams need structure and oversight; the inherent maintenance needs of a vertical structure are many, the various vendors need careful management by a competent HOA. Any condo rise is a sophisticated, multi-million-dollar real estate corporation and a serious property management undertaking. High-rises and mid-rises in the Denver metro, whether a new development flagships, or the legacy properties that have defined our skyline, need a management company up to the task of delivering on the community vision.

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In helping a condo rise define and then realize its vision, we look to the board and residents for input, then help to draft and formalize their ideas into an actionable document. We can consider general values like respect, trust, diversity and inclusion, continuing education, and constant improvement. Perhaps, the residents feel a lack of togetherness. We can explore ways to bring the community closer. Perhaps, inefficiencies exist as a result of vague responsibilities between concierge and maintenance staff. We can develop process maps and responsibility charts to clarify roles and eliminate scope creep. Maybe seemingly small things, like the way staff speak to residents, or doing the “little things” for residents, need improvement. We can work these into a code of conduct that the staff can take pride in.  Defining issues, formalizing standards, implementing solutions, measuring outcomes, and applying accountabilities, are all essential elements of a successful condo rise management solution.  

High-rise condos in Denver are also being asked to operate in a more sustainable way under the “Energize Denver” benchmarking program. Condos over 25,000 square feet, which includes virtually any high-rise, are now required to report energy usage to the city annually. We can help condominium associations measure where they are today to see if they comply with the requirements, and if reductions are mandated, help to assess what can be done to reduce consumption to avoid serious penalties.  

These services and more help our clients get on track, stay on track, improve the resident experience, maximize their real estate investments, employ effective and happy staff, and operate a stable, predictable HOA ..

Some of what we offer to our mid-rise and high-rise properties includes:

  • Development of position descriptions, organizational charts, and departmental metrics for onsite staff
  • Onsite staff training and continuing education
  • Development of standards for maintenance, service hospitality, resident experience, package tracking, communication, and response times
  • Financials provided to the board of directors based on their desired timeframe
  • Weekly reporting to the board of directors and monthly reporting to the community at large
  • After-hours emergency response for maintenance issues
  • Project management services
  • Development of seasonal maintenance plans and recurring (daily / weekly / monthly / annual) maintenance plans
  • Utilization of reserve studies and financial modeling software to help you forecast budgeting of projects for your HOA
  • An in-house customer service division, affectionately called the “Heartbeat” division,  fully equipped to respond to owners in real time
  • Sustainability guidance and support to help explore how to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, divert waste, and reduce your carbon footprint

These services are tailored to an HOA’s specific needs and the unique challenges they face.

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