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Expert High-Rise Managers

Currently, new development can be seen all throughout Denver. 

From the profusion of construction of new high-rise residences and offices in the Union Station district to the rise of new apartment buildings in the historically very dense Capitol Hill neighborhood, it is clear that Denver is growing.  When considering that young adults and professionals are currently moving into the city at a steady rate, we can expect the construction of new living units to continue alongside this in-migration. High-rise development will likely represent a large segment of this growth given the desire for dense urban living harbored by much of the incoming population.

CAP Management is well prepared to handle this forecasted population growth and its impact on the high-rise market.  With over 10 years of experience, the team of property managers is flexible and always available to take a call or make a visit.  Small business ethics and strong interpersonal skills also make the team approachable and understanding of the needs of Homeowner Associations (HOAs).  Being overstaffed, CAP Management is adaptable to the needs of the Board of Directors and residents and will always have someone available to offer assistance in any capacity.

As technology advances and construction and design methods evolve, continuing training and education keeps the staff at CAP Management at the forefront of high-rise astuteness.  For example, the Denver Spire recently hosted an event for professionals in the field to gain perspective on the features of a large modern facility.  The recently built Spire is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified and for a time in 2012 was the fastest selling residential tower in the United States[i].  High-rise manager Aaron Monaco reported learning about improved fire detection and suppression systems, elevator and facilities logistics and ultra-luxury home management during his visit.  Aaron currently manages a higher-end high-rise building in Capitol Hill, 888 Logan Street, but that building was built in the 1950’s.  Prepared to manage newly constructed buildings in addition to older structures, from 10-stories to skyscrapers, Mr. Monaco’s well rounded approach to high-rise management works for the benefit of any vertical HOA.

John Marvin is another high-rise manager on staff.  He currently oversees the Candlewyck development in southeastern Denver.  With over 240 units, this two-tower HOA has provided a great amount of experience for John in managing projects with a large number of residents.  Still, he approaches with ease the task of meeting all of the needs of the homeowners and Board and is always able to apply his expertise and help mitigate any problems that arise.

The team at CAP Management understands that vertical common-interest communities have qualities that are unique to that style of development.  These include particular water and electric systems, access control systems, underground parking and the presence of rooftop cell towers – to name a few.  Understanding these systems and how to maintain them is critical to sustaining a high-rise community.  When significant problems do arise, many or all of the homeowners are affected as oftentimes all of the units in the HOA may be under a single roof.  For example, Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) system complications can affect a great number of units if not the whole building.  Similarly, elevator issues and security concerns can impact all homeowners.  In addition, disagreements and other issues between homeowners can be amplified when all share a confined space compared to a suburban triplex set up, for example.  Particular expertise in the area of neighbor-dispute mitigation and mediation compliments the amplitude of skills that come with over a decade of experience in property management.

With Denver’s population growing rapidly and the need for dense and sustainable development in all of our cities, construction of high-rise residences will surely continue to be increasingly more prevalent. CAP Management is well-prepared to assist those that invest in this lucrative form of growth.  The experienced team at CAP Management is eager to manage additional high-rise communities.  For more information on services and qualifications, please visit

[i] “Fastest-selling tower in U.S., SPIRE has a special on SkyClub Residences” – The Denver Post