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Conserving Water in Your HOA

Leaks aren’t always obvious and can often lead to higher water bills.  Most leaks are easy to fix, while others may require a plumber.

Toilets are the most common leak culprit, so check your toilet to ensure you’re not wasting water.  Hardware stores sell tablets that can help identify leaks in toilets.

How to Find Leaks

Most leaks can be heard or seen, but some are difficult to detect.  Your water meter may be your most useful tool in identifying water leaks in your home.  Follow these easy steps to check for unseen leaks:

  1. Locate your water meter.
  2. Locate the water supply shut-off valve for your building.  It can be outdoors or indoors and is commonly located where the main water pipe enters the building foundation.  In a home, this is often near an outside faucet.
  3. Turn off all faucets, outlets and water-using appliances.
  4. Note the gallon calculating sweep hand on the meter.  It operates much like the second hand on a watch.  After 30 minutes or more, take another look at the dial.  If the hand or the number wheel has moved, you have a leak either inside or underground.  Now, close the main shut-off valve.  If the indicator stops, your leak is inside the building.  Check your toilets and faucets.

Please help save water and keep your bill down by promptly repairing all leaks in your home.