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HOA Management in Denver – Surge Protectors

Our office is in a 100 year old building, and with the heat we’ve been running the air conditioning quite a bit.  That has caused blown fuses and lost files when the computer goes down.  We have worked with KC Electric for a long time and had them come in to give us some extra juice!

It was easy enough to run additional wire through the existing conduit, but in talking with Ken at KC Electric, he said that for all of our computers we should have a surge protector installed right at the fuse box, rather than in each power strip.  This costs about $200.

I did a little research, if you want to go the power strip route, make sure that it covers at least 3,000 joules, or is “type 3” rated – it will say on the strip.  Otherwise you just have a extension cord.  Read more here.

One other tip–on a regular basis, shut down your computers, take them apart, and blow them out with compressed air.  It took me a half an hour this weekend to do the server and two desktops.  It’s simple, just unscrew the case and slide the side off.  Then blow compressed air over everything.  You will be amazed how much dust is in there.  If you can, remove the fan’s and blow them out.  Put it back together – that simple.  Dust is the enemy of electrical devices.

I’ve had my server for 7 years and I am convinced it has lasted because I ordered extra fans and keep the machine blown out.

Let me know if I’ve missed something.

Chris Crigler, President