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HOA Management Services for Community Redevelopment Planning

CAP management can offer planning and community catalyst consulting for Neutowne Development in Parker, CO. It has come to our attention that the original vision of Neutowne development has not been fully realized due in large part to the current economic recession. A lack of funds for maintenance and upkeep has created a difficult situation between the residents, Neutowne HOA, Metro Holding District, and investors.

CAP Management can offer services to help forge a partnership among the multiple stakeholders to take ownership of their future.  The following is a list of some of the potential services that may be of value to your community.

Community Engagement – Including residents in the visioning process of Neutowne Development will create a stronger and more viable community moving forward.  Through the use of focus groups and surveys, we can identify the social, environmental, and economic assets of the community.  This process can lead to a more desirable and attainable future vision for all invested parties.

Feasibility Studies – With only a fraction of the land developed within this community, there are numerous land use scenarios that may unfold.  We have the ability to analyze the options presented to the community to single out the highest and best use scenario by means of various market analyses and GIS tools.   Along with land use, the day-to-day circulation of people and vehicles within the development has significant importance to the feasibility of the community.  CAP Management’s understanding of these issues will allow us to create a transportation network that minimizes costs and increases quality of life.

Regulation and Ordinance Review – The regulatory framework in place within the Town of Parker shapes the character of this community.  Our experience allows us to generate innovative ideas for varying land use proposals. By working with the Town, CAP Management will ensure that any proposed scenario will comply with relevant local ordinances and ensure expedited review.

In order to facilitate the revitalization of the Metro Holding District, CAP Management has brought on board three community planners all with a comprehensive understanding of land use ordinances and regulations.

John Hageman holds his master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado with a focus on economic and community development. In addition to working for CAP Management, John is a market analyst at Edward Kamp Consulting where he uses Geographic Information Systems to indentify and evaluate specialty districts. John has experience working directly with tax increment financing and economic development programming for the Golden Urban Renewal Authority.

Matthew Cunningham holds his master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado with a focus on community character though design. He has extensive experience partnering directly with local leaders and the general public in crafting visions for communities within Colorado. Matt specializes in the policies that shape the built environment and their impact on the health of communities.

Adam Perkins holds his master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado with a focus on ecological and community planning. He specializes in community visioning, conflict resolution, and sustainable water management. He has experience working with HOAs and their negotiations with special water districts within Colorado.  In addition, Adam has studied under Johan Galtung to optimize the success of negotiations between multiple stakeholders.