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HOA Rules and Regulations in Colorado

How to Write HOA Rules and Regulations in Colorado:

We’ve been hired by an HOA to write their HOA Rules and Regulations. We have been hired by another HOA to write their Architectural Guidelines.  To be successful you MUST have homeowner involvement.

By doing a series of HOA meetings, we get the Homeowners to buy into the process.  They get to suggest what rules they feel are important, have a role in drafting them, and then are much more likely to follow them.

One thing that comes up is the fine policy.  Sometimes Boards try to use a stick and impose hefty fines.  In Colorado, the law states that you must have a hearing before you impose a fine.  Just like you have to go to court if you get a speeding ticket.

I will also say that we charge extra for this.

What would you pay to have a set of guidelines that people actually follow?  Where homeowners have skin in the game because they were part of the process? Where homeowners actually know what the guidelines are?

Call us for a price, we scale the service.  But I will say one HOA paid $300 and the other went all out with a series of community meetings, BBQ, and final draft at $4669.

If you have any questions about the process – just give us a call…..303-832-2971

Chris Crigler, President