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HOA Technology: Make it Work for You

A lot has changed in the last 20 years; from rotary phones to fax machines and cameras, yesterday’s cutting edge is today’s relic. 1999 had Y2K; 2019 has hackers and identity theft. CAP Management strives to be on the cutting edge of security and technological advances in the mobile age. We are committed to using technology to the fullest while protecting your assets and home value.

Banking Partnership

CAP Management has partnered with Citywide Banks here in Denver not only to provide financials by the 6th business day, but also to protect the HOA’s assets. By partnering with a local financial institution that is fluent in HOA challenges and operations, CAP can identify and address possible issues proactively. Unsecured wire transfers are a thing of the past for CAP, as ACH and automatic transfers are monitored and flagged for possible fraud. HOAs can have peace of mind that your assets are protected. CAP is committed to providing “old school” personal service with a 21st century touch. When technology is not the answer, often times you need a personal touch – CAP Management will provide the tools you need to run your HOA safely and efficiently.

Online Options

In addition to banking, CAP offers HOA websites that can address all of your HOA needs. From simple homeowner directories, document storage to full board operations such as committee votes, we build a multifaceted and integrated system tailored to each HOA. We will administrate your site as part of the management agreement- we want to take your HOA from “good at technology” to “great at technology.”

We have seen a dramatic increase in dues collections by automating payment options simply by offering multiple online solutions. CAP also sends monthly reports to homeowners via email and a weekly report to the board by the email system in place. You can review financials in real time through the portal, giving the board the power to review the financials anywhere and to address issues before they become problems.

HOA management is a straightforwardly complicated industry. CAP Management uses technology to cut the complication and increase the HOA’s performance simply by using the available options to their fullest potential while keeping the HOA safe. We are here to make managing your HOA easier.