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HOA Community Involvement for Writing ACC Guidelines

How do you get homeowners to follow the ACC guidelines?

Get them involved!  We offer a service that does just that!  By holding a series of meetings with homeowners we allow them to have a say in what they want to see in the guidelines.  That way they have ownership!  If they have a say in writing them they are much more likely to follow them – and know what they are upfront.

This is our methodology….

1. Create well-defined, specific design guidelines that:

1.1. Provide guidance to Owners regarding matters of particular concern to the ARC.

1.2. Contain both general provisions applicable to all of the Property, as well as specific provisions that vary according to land use and from one portion of the Property to another depending upon location, unique characteristics and intended use.

1.3. Are written in a manner that is befitting and appropriate for the residents and maintain a cohesive look and feel. This will be achieved by:

1.3.1.Selecting a predetermined exterior color pallet for residents to choose from when altering their residences.

1.3.2. Defining by means of use, material, size, location, and architectural style of development and construction.

1.3.3. Identifying appropriate landscape performance standards and requirements that will maintain a positive and attractive appeal of the community. Water usage will be weighted when selecting such elements.

1.3.4. Selecting lighting elements that are consistent with the current design elements of and provide suitable lighting that is not objectionable.

1.3.5. Any other design criteria determined necessary by the community at large.

1.4. Protects the character and value of community by permitting additions to the community that enhance value, while excluding changes that will negatively impact residents’ property values.

1.5.  At all times, represent the best interests of the Residents.

1.6.  Ensure that the design guidelines comply with any and all local municipal codes and guidelines.

1.7. Ensure that the design guidelines will allow for the incorporation of additional homes in the community while still maintaining and enhancing the character.

1.8. Create a bound document containing design guidelines professionally laid out with ample illustrations and examples of each guideline. Local Innovations will provide two (2) hard copies and one electronic copy that can be posted on the community’s website.

  1. Create community ownership of the design guidelines in order to ensure maximum compliance and decrease future enforcement costs. The vested interest that all neighbors have in forging design guidelines only creates a more powerful document. Only by including multiple voices from the neighborhood, the needs and concerns of the community can be adequately addressed. To achieve community ownership, Local Innovations will:

2.1. Hold focus groups of 5-8 residents each to gather community input and interest.

3.1.1. This process will assist LI in identifying the aspirations and essential design elements that will guide all future development, construction, and landscaping within the community.  We repeat the process with two unique sets of residents to grant LI direction when compiling such guidelines.

3.2. Hold up a community meeting that will reveal the draft design guidelines to the residents for review and comment.

3.2.1. The purpose of the meeting is to gather community feedback from those residents who were not able to take part in the focus groups.  With the feedback from this community meeting LI will make any alterations that the community feels is necessary and forge a final document for the board and ARC to approve and ratify.

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Chris Crigler, President