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HOA Construction Management

The following report is an example of how CAP Management helps manage construction projects for your HOA.

Subject:  Weekly Report – Jan. 14, 2011

The Working Session Meeting on Wed. night was very productive.  Thank you all for your time.  Following is a brief update of my actions this week and a recap of the construction items from the Session:

  • Monday – Otto and I shut down the job site for the day due to weather.  Scaffold installation was rescheduled for Tues.  It was a great day to catch up on paper work, emails and finalize the Cost To-Date Report, Owners’ Concern Report and Schedule for the Wed. Working Session
  • Tuesday – Reviewed the Proposals for the Mitigation at the Watters unit.  Called contractors for clarification, etc.  No Construction Mtg. was held.
  • Wed. – On site to meet with a couple of homeowners.  A report on their concerns will be issued early next week.
  • Wed. Working Session:
    • Martin/Martin Engineers present to explain the concerns with “anchors and hold-downs” and issue their Field Report.  The Board decided to discuss this issue with legal counsel
    • Phase II Construction Schedule for 2011 was presented.  Jean will obtain 11 x 17 enlarged schedules for the Board.  A detailed “Task Schedule” can be viewed by the Board Members at any time.  It is on display in Otto’s office (the Otto Zone)
    • Proposals for the Mitigation at the Watter’s unit were discussed.  The Board would like to award this to Jordy Construction.  Carrie will contact legal counsel for access to the unit.
    • There are still satellite dishes on decks at Bldgs. Q, R & S.  I got the list to John Marvin and all but one of the owners has responded.  Carrie and John will review the Declarations and Rules & Regs. for satellite rules for future installations.
    • CAP has issued the 2011 Budget for Board review and approval.  The Budget will be discussed at the Annual HOA Mtg.
    • Per my request, Kitchell Engineering conducted a Warranty Inspection. Warranty work was issued to Palace Const.  Amy, at Palace, promised a response by Jan. 18.  Jean will mail the final check for $615.00 to Palace.
  • A few PT cables were missed during the repairs.  Most are next to or behind downspouts.  Otto will schedule the repairs for these at Bldg’s B, V, G, H, M & T
  • There are a few cables that were not connected correctly to the embedded collars.  When the ends were cut for sealing – the cables shrank back into the foundation.  Martin/Martin is reviewing these to see if any additional action is necessary. 
  • Missed my goal for a revised concise 2011 Construction Budget.  The final numbers for Bldg.s A, B, D & F are not into Jordy yet.  There will be substantial savings. 
  • Minimal repairs necessary at Bldg. M are completed except for brick rowlock work.
  • Otto and I walked the site on Friday. 
    • All of the installed sidewalk chases are working and have eliminated much of the icing problem.  The Board may want to consider one more chase near Bldg. e #002.
    • The new gutters at Bldg. E are not working as well as expected.  Otto will check them out by ladder next week to see if it is an installation problem.  We also noticed several leaks in the gutters at the roof line.  Leaks at these upper most gutters are causing icing at the garden level entries.  I’ll get the list to John Marvin.
    • The owner of 10290 #106 is going to remove the granite tile from his deck.  I told him this must be done by the end of next week.
  • Please note building start dates are approx. and will be affected by severe weather:
    • Bldgs. Q, R & S begin 01/10/2011
    • Bldgs L & P begin 01/31/2011 (moved forward to allow transition of the 3 story scaffolding from S)
    • Bldgs. K, J & V begin 02/14/2011
    • Bldgs. G & H begin 03/07/2011

Ongoing Efforts:

  • Monitoring of ground water at Bldg. P – no substantial change to report  I’ll ask CTC to check after the snow melt.
  • Coordinate repairs of gutter leaks – compile list with John Marvin
  • Coordinate movers for Millie’s garage stored items (Anomaly Bldg. G) – POD scheduled for delivery 01/01, demolition 01/20 & 01/21, engineers scheduled for 01/24
  • Schedule “water tests” at entries to units – 4 each
  • Contact owner’s to schedule attic access through their units to start “area separation wall repairs”
  • I continue to field questions from homeowners, responses are copied to John and Carrie

 Thank you all for the continued privilege of working for and with you all.