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Fall into Great Homeowner Practices for the Autumn Months at Colorado HOAs

Summer turning to Fall presents an opportunity to stop and take stock of your property. Now is a great time to get ready for the unpredictability of wind and precipitation – common weather in Colorado. CAP Management’s Property Team has over 50 years of experience in Colorado and have some helpful tips to help you get ready for the winter:

Aaron Monaco, Senior Property Manager:

Be sure to winterize and cover your hose bibs and irrigation, if not they could freeze, leading to a burst pipe.  

John Krajewski, Vice President of Operations:

Contact a qualified HVAC professional to winterize or convert your system and change your filters on a seasonal schedule.

Chris Stange, Property Manager:

Check the perimeter of your unit for pest infiltration, and contact a qualified professional to seal any entry into your home so that you do not get pests during the winter time. Be sure to check your vents too, birds nest in them!

Jonathan Cole, Property Manager:

While the leaves are falling, take a look at your surroundings. In high Fall, limbs with no leaves are dead wood and should be removed. You should also check for limbs hanging over your roof; those should be trimmed to give them some clearance from your walls. If you see a limb, dead wood, or a tree in need of trimming, be sure to review your governing documents to determine who is responsible to maintain them – often times it is a homeowner responsibility.

CAP Management uses customized rosters, process maps, lists and calendars to track seasonal priorities. There is more to keep track of than meets the eye!  Every item taken care of proactively can save time, money and hassle in the cold weather. Below is just a snapshot of what CAP Management tracks:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. Making sure that you are prepared and ready for the unpredictability of late fall and early winter can make all the difference. These are just a few things to remember to have a safe and happy Fall in Colorado.

Blog Author: Jonathan Ellsworth